Panruti is a town, municipality and taluk headquarters of Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India. Panruti is located between Cuddalore and Viluppuram. Panruti is famous for Jack fruit and Cashews. The Jack fruit grown here is exported world wide and is very sweet. It is a business center of Cuddalore district. The name panruti came from 'pan' means song and 'ruti' music in tamil as the place where more saints and great singer of god like nayanmars and vainavas where sung here great commercial area for more than a 200 years and 150 years old government school which was build by british east india company and more than 1000 year old temple Veeratteswarar temple in nearby Thiruvathigai.


Panruti is located on the main line of high ways. State highways Chennai-Kumbakonam and Cuddalore-Chittoor passes through Panruti. It's just 12 km from NH-45 highway. 


Veeratteswarar temple in nearby Thiruvathigai. According to the legend Thirugnana Sambanthar was glorified by the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva at this holy place. Appar's sister Thilakavathiyar settled here during her later years and devoted her lifetime service to the Lord Siva. Also notable saints Thirunavukkarasar, and Arunagirinathar visited and wrote many hymns on the Lord. Afflicted by a painful illness, Thirunavukkarasar prayed for relief at this temple where his sister Thilagavathiyar served and was cured. This temple is the place where Lord shiva destroyed three rakshashas(demons) and the three cities created by them. This temple is one among the 8 veera Siva temples in Tamil Nadu. Thiruvathigai Saranarayana Perumal, another name of Lord Vishnu, is the one who gave the saram(arrow) to Lord shiva for killing the demons.
Hence the name Sarannarayanar.


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